A visual high definition CD is available, for PCs, which offers new and inspiring insights into the more than 2000 works produced by Jesse over the last half of the Twentieth Century.   The following is some information about the CD and instructions. 

If you would like one - free of charge, please contact us or email us directly.

CD Instructions

 On this CD is a single executable (.exe) file for PCs. It is 13 minutes long. It is best viewed on the largest possible computer monitor with good quality speakers, in a room with low light.  

 It was designed for showing on a 50” diagonal High Definition Plasma 16:9 1280 x 768 screen – This version is for 19-22 inch 4:3 computer monitors with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or more.   We recommend a 64mb NVIDIA GE Force 2 MX, equivalent, or better video card, otherwise the pictures and transitions may not display properly on your monitor. 

Due to the large amount of RAM and CPU cycles needed to play these programs please close all applications on your desktop before starting any of these programs.

Please turn off your screen saver prior to starting the CD.  (right click anywhere on the computer’s desktop, click on Properties,  select the Screen Saver tab, in the screen saver window there is a drop down list, from the list select none and then click Apply . If you do not know how to do this, please call 510-514-8188 – we will be glad to walk you through these easy couple of steps.

Place the CD in the computer.  Wait a minute or so for the CD to load, then locate the file on the CD (if the computer does not automatically present you with a window with a directory listing of the CD, use Windows Explorer to locate your CD and get a listing of its contents), highlight the file and double click. It will automatically self-load, self-extract, buffer the audio, and run.   Depending upon your computers specifications it may take up to several minutes for the self-extracting and audio buffering to complete before the program automatically starts. 

I suggest an initial audio setting of approximately, 30% of maximum volume.  

If you need to pause the CD, use the Pause key – usually found on the right of the top row of your keyboard.  Pressing the pause key once will pause the program – press it a second time and the program will resume.

If you need to stop and exit the program, hit the esc key on your computer keyboard (usually found in the upper left corner - to the left of the function keys).  It may take a few seconds for the show to stop once you hit the esc key as the buffer clears. On some computers you will need to hold the esc key down until the program stops.